The FMD Pro Starter is a collection of 15 tools that help  project teams manage their project finances more effectively.  Designed for and by development and humanitarian relief professionals, the site provides users access to the resources  they can use right away to improve their projects – the tools are easy to access, easy to use, easy to apply, and easy to adapt.

By simplifying the Guide to the FMD Pro down to the 15 most commonly used tools, we’ve made good financial management easier for everyone.

Here are some of the design decisions we took to make the FMD Pro Starter easy to use:

Mobile-first design lets users access content from any device.

Performance support resources that include videos, templates, how to’s and case studies.

Creative Commons License makes our content accessible and shareable to whoever needs it.

And, did we mention that it is free to anyone working in our sector?

We are committed to reducing barriers to high quality, affordable and appropriate capacity building tools in our sector so that anyone can gain the skills needed to be a change-maker. This site is based on the existing experience of PMD Pro Starter. With nearly 20,000 people now certified in 100+ countries, the success of PMD Pro sends a strong message about the power and potential of professional development in our sector.