FMD Pro helps our colleagues and partner organizations better manage projects and realize that Finance is not as scary as you thought it was.

Theo Molenbruge, CRS


The goal of the Financial Management for the Development Professional (FMD Pro) initiative is to improve the impact of development and humanitarian organizations by improving the financial management of the non-financial managers who run their projects.

The FMD Pro provides a certification-based, sector-wide standard for non-financial managers in the sector.   FMD Pro materials are freely available to learners, development/relief organizations and training providers based on an open-source Creative Commons license.  Deliverables include:

FMD Pro Learning Objectives – A collection of learning objectives for non-financial managers that address Bloom’s taxonomy levels 1-3 (remember, understand, apply.)

Guide to the FMD Pro – A contextualized body of knowledge on financial management for non-financial managers in the development/relief sector.

FMD Pro Certification Examination – A certification examination that is credentialed by an independent body (tentatively APMG) and is based on the FMD Pro learning objectives and the Guide to the FMD Pro.

Ideal candidates include managers and staff working in program implementation with the responsibility for the management and control of financial resources and budgets.   The FMD Pro is designed to address the learning needs of all organizations in the development and humanitarian relief sector.  However, a special priority is focused on addressing the capacity building needs of national and local NGOs.  This priority is consistent with, and aligned to, the imperatives of the World Bank, PEPFAR, the Millennium Development Goals and the Global Health Initiative to develop and promote a strategic and result-oriented approach to nurturing the building and rational utilization of capacity at the national and sub-national levels.

5 year metrics for the FMD Pro initiative include the following:

10,000 certified professionals

Certified professionals in over 100 countries

At least 20 organizations training the FMD Pro

0% of certified professionals in the Global South

At least 50% of certification professionals affiliated with national and sub-national NGOs

Certification maintenance is financially viable